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Content Writing

Content writing training in Nepal is harder to find these days due to the lack of quality. In this content writing course we learn about the essentials of content writing for the web. Not only will you learn how to write the perfect content but also increase your potential for future content writing jobs in Nepal or abroad as a freelancer. During this training we go through the basic rules of content writing, content designing, SEO friendly content, business replies content, Biodata content writing and tips and advice. The content writing training is not only theoretically but also practical, students will be given small assignments to improve their writing skills and knowledge.

Everybody who loves writing, playing with words, trying to improve their websites content to increase their service can join up for this special content writing training and become a pro.
In this modern age and time daily more than 400 million new website domains are registered, who all require content. As per this fact content writing is a global career and expert content writers can earn good money and have a nice lifestyle. Earning enough income from home, office or as a professional freelancer. Content writers in Nepal is one of the most sought after jobs, and if you are a pro then the sky is the limit for your career opportunities!


  1. Concept of the perfect content and review of this training topics
  2. From where to get inspiration?
  3. Importance of Content Writing in Nepal
  4. Problem of Fraud in Content Writing
  5. Some Effective Tips to improve Content Writing Skills
  6. The steps of content writing
  7. Use of Keywords
  8. Writing on Difficult Topics
  9. Rewriting text
  10. Smart Creative Content Writing
  11. Content Designer/li>
  12. How to Publish Unique Content/li>
  13. How to write the perfect CV / How to analyze the perfect CV
  14. Email reply’s, professional and to the point
  15. Few more things to learn about content writing
  16. Meta description
  17. Experience makes perfect
  18. Freelance content writer jobs
  19. Checking your content
  20. Final test>

Opportunities after completing this training:

As a job seeker: You will be rewarded with a Code Studio Solution institute certificate. Not only that but also you can increase your potential with this new knowledge and take on new and more advanced content writing jobs. For the top students direct jobs may be provided.
As an employer: Increase your own business content, safe money by writing your content yourself, increase you service by putting SEO friendly and USER friendly content.