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If you are thinking to do something by your own in short period of time or tried something else already and yet not satisfied but you have a passion in communication and technology. If you are a student (BCA or BScCSIT or Engineering) Code studio solution is the right place to visit and build up your career. As our primary goal is to educate, share knowledge and grow together in the field of information technology, code studio solution offers different dimensions of technology to peek the expanding internet and its possibilities. We are here to open a window for opportunity on the universe of internet for self-exploration, where learning WordPress can be a first step to let you know your existence in this vast virtual world.

The exciting thing for purbeli is that, we are here at Damak. Near you, closer to your reach with high level of excitement and of course with higher confidence.  So, for more details interested and passionate candidates can contact and visit us 24*7 with expertise in WordPress. It’s never too late.

Why WordPress?

  1. WordPress is THE Most Popular Content Management System in the World (4.5% of the ENTIRE internet)
  2. There are Some Really High Profile Brands Using WordPress
  3. WordPress is Not Just for Blogging
  4. Plugins Let You Add a TON of Functions to WordPress without Coding
  5. WordPress Skills are Useful Even if You Don’t Want to Be a Developer
  6. WordPress Can be used for Intranet Sites, Too
  7. You Can Use it For Membership Sites
  8. WordPress is Totally Free
  9. There are So Many Jobs You Can Get with WordPress Dev Skills
  10. WordPress is great for Freelancers
  11. You Can Make Money with WordPress Without Working with Clients
  12. You Can Get Started with WordPress in No Time (3 months)
  13. WordPress Sites are Easy to Manage